'Wheel of Fortune' fans shocked by blazing quick puzzle solve: 'Is this sorcery?'

Wheel of Fortune contestant Mark Franco was in a winning mood Thursday night. The avid outdoorsman from Brentwood, Calif., impressed everyone with a very quick puzzle solve.

Early on in the game, Mark found himself apologizing for winning a puzzle which a previous contestant had missed on a technicality. Host Pat Sajak told him, "That's all right, never apologize for winning."

Maybe Mark had something to prove to Pat or the audience, but soon after that he nailed a Triple Toss Up puzzle. At almost the same time that the first letter popped up on the board, Mark hit his buzzer.

The puzzle read "_  ' _ - _ _ _ _ _ G - _ - _ _ _ _". And within a second of it appearing Mark answered, "I'M HAVING A BALL."

Mark surprised both Pat and fans at home. Many viewers took to Twitter to voice their shock and dismay.

While Mark had a good game, it wasn't good enough to advance to the bonus round. But he did end up taking home a $7,000 trip to London, and $2,000 in folding money


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